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PageRank is the system followed by Google's for ranking web pages. Obviously a page with a higher page rank is more valuable and will be listed in the top search results than a page with a lower rank. The link structure of a web page has an important role in assessing the value of a web page. Backlinks from important sites with high pagerank will add up to the page ranking of a site. It is just like electing a leader in a political election. The greater the votes that a leader polls, greater will be his acceptability and popularity among the voters.

Page rank of a site can be increased by submitting the site in different web directories and by publicizing your site details. This will fetch you Backlinks for your site from other websites, which will add up to the popularity of your site and page ranking.

High Pagerank and its Importance

Google PageRank is a complex link analysis algorithm. It involves as many as 200 parameters, named after Larry Page, best known as the co-founder of Google. Page rank is an indicator of the authority and importance of a web page. However, it is interesting to note that a higher PR has lesser priority on the search engine rankings (SERPS) or SEO! Though a higher page rank is considered as a hallmark of quality and authority, it has nothing to do with search engine rankings, which is determined more by the website content and the frequency of updates and its authenticity.

Here are some benefits of having a high PageRank website:

High page rank domains will get spidered by Google more often than a low page rank site because of quality inbound and backlinks.

A higher PR will also ensure deeper crawls.

Higher the PR, more will be link exchange offers from webmasters.

A high PR domain will have more ad space value for selling advertising ads.

A high PR site will attract more visitors.

Higher the PR, more will be your authority in the niche field that you are in.

A high PR domain gets more comments and reviews, which will add up to your credentials.

High PR domains carry an exorbitant price tag and are easy to sell.